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Heddon Lures - Pop' N Image - Baby Bass
Heddon Lures - Pop' N Image - Gizzard Shad
Heddon Lures - Pop' N Image - Tennessee Shad
Heddon Lures - Pop' N Image - Threadfin Shad

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Like the Heddon Lures - One Knocker Spook, the Heddon Lures - Pop' N Image is a fascinatingly effective topwater bass fishing lure that can change the course of a tournament. Its remarkably realistic appearance and exceptional noise technology make this pro bass bait a quality option for exciting bass fishing. Each Pop' N Image features three dimensional graphic replications of forage characteristics found in ponds, lakes, and rivers across the United States.

When used correctly, this effective hard bait lure can produce unbelievable results. Like similarly designed topwater hard baits, the Pop' N Image is designed with a curved, concaved mouth that, when gently popped, produces a gurgling noise that drives bass insane. Experiment with your "pop" cadence to generate a pace that seems favorable that day for bass fishing. Be sure to let the bass take the bait into its mouth: a lot of beginners jerk this hard bait out the bass' mouth.


Type: Topwater

Size: 3"

Weight: 5/8 OZ

Hooks: Two XCalibur Rotating Treble Hooks (rear hook feathered)

Heddon Lures - Pop' N Image - Baby Bass

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Is there a bass angler who doesn't love topwater bass fishing? Doubtful. Once an angler - beginner or experienced - experiences the tremendous excitement created by topwater bass fishing, he or she will wish for twelve months of ongoing topwater action. Pure adrenaline, insurmountable excitement that never wanes ... That's topwater bass fishing at its peak. The Heddon Lures - Pop' N Image is a go-to pro bass bait for many anglers: this hard bait lure proves its worth time and again, assisting anglers in winning large paychecks and creating bragging rights for years to come. If an angler wants to experience explosive bass fishing, this topwater bass fishing lure is exactly what he or she needs to get started.

In comparison to similarly designed lures, the Heddon Lures - Pop' N image can withstand years of bass fishing. Some topwater lures and hard baits cracked, fade, and break entirely too easily; however, anglers know that this particular "popper" is an investment in today and tomorrow; it can handle multiple bass during a given day on the water, and when the time comes to change hooks, ensuring dullness isn't an issue, anglers can merely swap out hooks. This topwater lure is manufactured with quality XCalibur treble hooks that keep bass from escaping an angler's tournament sack. That being said, changing hooks is fairly painless. Many "poppers" are manufactured with inferior hooks, but that's not an issue with this lure.

Lunkercatch.com specifically chose this lure for the site. As with the other bass fishing products on the site, this lure has been thoroughly tested by many anglers associated with the site and affiliated bass fishing sites. The Heddon Lures - Pop' N Image is a treasure that we wish to celebrate. In terms of catching large bass, it is one of the best topwater lures we've identified. Consistency, durability, and cast-ability matter when the minutes quickly turn to hours, and this hard bait lure maximizes an angler's opportunity to catch quality largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass. Just prepare yourself for one serious bite: bass are known to devour this lure and run.

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